Summary of Our Research Findings

  • This report offers an analysis of Two Hands Corporation.
  • Two Hands is engaged in the research, development, and production of custom applications.
  • The Company has focuses on creating technologies and solutions to families that are affected by divorce or other distance co-parenting issues.
  • The Company will offer a unique “Two Hands” application that will allow co-parents to schedule activities, events, file storage & sharing, expense tracker, custody calendar, and more.
  • Two Hands is the one of the only publicly traded companies that focuses on offering solutions specifically to solving issues associated with co-parenting and divorce.
  • Divorce is wide spread in society today, yet there are very few solutions for the divorce/co-parenting market.
  • Audits are complete at the Company with all SEC filings currently up-to-date.

Globe Small Cap Research, LLC – Two Hands Corporation (OTC:TWOH) – June 2017

Executive Summary

Two Hands Corporation is engaged as a Canadian custom app development company. The company’s operations formerly involved designing, prototyping and producing products within the consumer goods, household, office, furniture, and toy industries. In recent years, Two Hands has increasingly focused on vision and gesture recognition technology and custom application development, particularly its app solutions for the co-parenting market. The co-parenting interactive app is currently undergoing beta testing and preparing to launch during summer of 2017.

Divorce is one of the leading factors of co-parenting and the United States is ranked third in the world for the most divorces. In fact, every thirteen seconds there is one divorce within the United States, which equates to 277 divorces per hour, 6,646 divorces per day, and ultimately, nearly 2.42 million divorces per year. On average, about 50% of marriages in the United States will end in divorce. While divorce rates have been slowly decreasing in recent years, there still remains a robust market that is ripe for disruption.

Not to mention, this becomes an exceptionally difficult process when children are involved. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, “children will do best if they know that their mother and father will still be their parents and remain involved with them even though the marriage is ending and the parents won’t live together. Long custody disputes or pressure on a child to “choose” sides can be particularly harmful for youngsters and can add to the damage of a divorce. Research shows that children do better when parents can minimize conflict and cooperate on behalf of the child.” Two Hands wants to help assist separated parents dealing with the difficult situation by minimizing conflicts, stress, and adjusting to the new normal.

Two Hands Corporation’s co-parenting app will provide a solution for separated families. The interactive app provides a comprehensive platform to manage expenses, scheduling, photos, communication, file storage, and more. As the company prepares for the launch of its highly anticipated app, Two Hands looks forward to gaining exposure for its new app at the 2017 Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario Conference. Being that Two Hands is a “exclusive diamond” level sponsor of the conference, over 1,000 attendees will receive a hands-on demonstration and a launch promotion. The face-to-face interaction will be a great chance for the company to spread awareness and attract early users of its co-parenting app.

Two Hands Corporation (OTC:TWOH)

Introduction to Two Hands Corporation

Two Hands Corporation trades on the OTC Pink Sheets market under the symbol, “TWOH.” The company is headquartered in Toronto, but was incorporated in Delaware, USA. Two Hands Corporation was originally founded in 2009.

The Canadian application development firm has had a variety of focuses since its founding in 2009, but the company is now positioning to be a leader in the co-parenting management market. Separated families can have a tough time functioning and working efficiently when it comes to managing children, especially if the separation is not peaceful.

Rather than dealing with your ex-partner and trying to figure out logistics, co-parents can now utilize the Two Hands app to seamlessly connect and manage the necessary details. This includes scheduling, expenses, file sharing, photo sharing, custody calendar, and more. More features are likely to be added to the app down the road, as software engineers develop new interactive methods to solve issues associated with co-parenting.

Even if you do not live in a separated household, the Two Hands app could be useful. The app provides a central communication hub for on-the-go families, full-time working parents, and other situations. This way no event or scheduled appointment goes forgotten or missed. Simply put, the Two Hands app provides a stress-free way for separated, busy, on the go, working, and other types of families to seamlessly communicate, manage obligations and activities.

Important Background on Divorce

Divorce is nothing new or unique to our modern society. The act of separating from your partner has been an idea that has been around for centuries in human civilizations. However, one thing we are continuing to learn more about from centuries of divorce is the impact it can place on the children.

Whether the divorce is civil or not, researchers have seen the profound impact that family separation can have on the children. The separating partners can sometimes forgot or simply not understand the stresses and potential lifelong impacts that this event could have on young children. According to University of Virginia psychology professor and Director of the Center for Children, Families, and the Law, Dr. Robert E. Emery, “divorce clearly increases the risk that children will suffer from psychological and behavioral problems. Troubled children are particularly likely to develop problems with anger, disobedience, and rule violations. School achievements also can suffer. Other children become sad for prolonged periods of time. They may become depressed, anxious, or become perhaps overly responsible kids who end up caring for the parents instead of getting for by them.”

However, the Dr. Emery does note that serious behavioral and psychological issues tend to be less common in divorced families that support their children through the changes and manage stress levels. This is why it is so important for kids to still feel they are still part of the family and to help minimize the jolting reality of divorce.

Divorce Has Slightly Declined Since 1990, But Could Ramp Up Again

Like many aspects of our society, trends can be cyclical. In other words, sometimes trends are in favor and sometimes out of favor. Take the stock market, for instance. Between 2005 and 2007, the U.S. stock market surged on the back of strong housing data and economic growth. However, 2008 represented a shift, or change in market trend cycles. Even though 2008 was one of the worst economic years in decades, nine years later we are hitting all-time highs on a regular basis and our economic prosperity continues to remain intact. The point here is that many aspects of our society come in “waves.”

Another classic example of cyclical trends can be found in the vinyl records market. During the mid-20th century, vinyl records were the most preferred and up to date way to listen to music. However, as the 1980s, 90s and 00s came along, we eventually traded in our vinyl records for cassettes, and then CDs, and then MP3 music downloads. Despite the technological advances in music, vinyl records have seen their popularity heat up once again in recent years. Younger generations are interested in the classic technology and for the first time in decades, record shops are not only open, they are thriving. The vinyl record is a classic example of cyclical trends, proving a technology that was considered to be dead can be revived to its glory days.

Divorce trends are no different from other cyclical phenomenon, such as the stock market and vinyl records. According to the Pew Research Center, there has been a very interesting shift in divorce between 1990 and 2015. Interestingly enough, younger people aged 25-19 saw divorce rates decline 21% between that period. People aged 40-49 years old saw their divorce rates increase by 14%, and over 50 years old divorce skyrocketed 109%! Furthermore, the Pew Research Center found that second marriages are twice as likely to end in divorce, compared to first marriages.

For the purposes of Two Hands Corporation, we are not really interested in the 50+ divorce market because this demographic usually does not have young children living at home still. However, the 25-49 year old divorce market remains the target for the company to launch its co-parenting app.

While we are seeing younger people getting fewer divorces and older people increasing divorces, this is a representation of the past and should not be seen as a future outlook. It is possible that the current trends could continue for some time, but cyclical trends also revert back to its average eventually.

Two Hands App Designed To Keep Families Connected

After years of research and development, Two Hands Corporation has effectively created a custom app to help separated families, particularly ones that have children. While there may be no way to fix the underlying issues that caused the divorce, the Two Hands app aims to provide a safe and interactive platform, which will allow users to effectively communicate, organize, and keep family relations stable. Currently, the Two Hands app is undergoing beta testing and will be launched during Summer 2017.

However, the Two Hands app could also be useful for other families that may not be struggling with separation. Some families are constantly on the go and have extremely chaotic schedules. The Two Hands app would be a perfect solution for the “always mobile” family.

Two Hands App Features

The app was designed with the intent to help ease stress and pitfalls that are associated with divorce and co-parenting. While there have been no specific operating system details for the app’s launch, management has expressed interest in eventually getting its app across all platforms and devices.

Overall, the Two Hands app provides an interactive interface, which is capable of scheduling and assigning activities/events, shared custody calendar, file sharing & storage, expense tracking, appointment reminders, interactive communication hub, and more. Any and all changes to scheduling, alerts, tasks, photos, etc can be made directly in the app. Furthermore, the user can decide to share events or keep others private, in order to avoid any mishaps and have your own personal space within the app environment. The entire Two Hands app is securely encrypted, helping users protect their data and information.

The company wants the app to serve as a bridge between the two co-parent households, in order to help keep things moving as smoothly as possible. Divorce and separation may mean getting rid of your ex, but it certainly does not mean that your child’s life comes to a halt. If anything, increasing events and interaction with others is even more important for your child after your separation. The Two Hands app provides a one-stop-shop for managing co-parenting duties.

“What if my ex is difficult and the divorce was not peaceful?” The Two Hands app specializes in ensuring that both parents are living up to their agreements for issues, such as child support, alimony, living arrangements, more. According to Two Hands’ website, “exs who run away from co-parenting responsibilities will learn from Two Hands that not facing up to responsibilities could have more complicated consequences.”

TWOH: Recent Update

On June 9, 2017, Two Hands Corporation announced it has become an “exclusive diamond sponsor” of the 2017 Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario Conference, which will be held in November 2017. The sponsorship will allow Two Hands to gain significant awareness and exposure from over 1,000 attendees. In fact, being that the sponsorship falls under the “exclusive diamond sponsor” designation, the company will be able to do a live, hands-on demonstration and launch promotion of its Two Hands app.

“The conference will deliver to over 1,000 members and attendees a hands-on software demonstration with a launch promotion. We are looking forward to a face-to-face opportunity to demonstrate and educate attendees about the application in a fun and informative way. Members will appreciate our application as a tool that brings value to co-parenting and seeing some of the features firsthand will be quite impressive. We are all looking forward to attending this year’s conference,” says Two Hands Corporation CEO, Nadav Elituv.

What We Would be Watching as Investors

Here are some factors and details that should be kept in mind by potential investors:

  • Updates on Two Hands app Launch – As mentioned previously, the app continues to go through beta testing and is expected to be officially launched in the Summer 2017. As investors we would expect to gain further insight to the launch details, any changes from beta testing, cost structure and operating system capabilities.
  • Raising Capital – Two Hands Corporation is at a point where the company needs to place tremendous focus on raising capital. During the first quarter 2017, the company had total assets of $112. Understandably, it takes considerable capital to research, design, develop and launch a mobile application. However, in order to continue on with its operations, the company will need to raise capital.
  • Terms of Financing – Being that Two Hands Corporation needs to raise capital, the terms and type of financing is of interest to investors. Investors want to ensure they are not exposing themselves to excessive toxic debt and steep financing costs.
  • Audit and Reporting Compliance – Two Hands’ common shares currently trade on the OTC Pink Sheets. Considering the Company’s fully reporting status with the SEC, we would like to see a potential uplist to the OTCQB marketplace. This will help the company attract a higher caliber of investor and possibly even better financing options.

Factors in Favor of Two Hands’ Success

Here are some positive factors to consider when evaluating Two Hands:

  • Lack of Competition – While there is no shortage of advice and “experts” online claiming to have the answer to divorce and co-parenting, there are really only a couple viable competitors in the marketplace today. In addition, the lack of a clear, strong market leader gives Two Hands the opportunity to not only disrupt the co-parenting organization industry, but also lead.
  • Divorce Prevalence – While statistics show that divorce has dipped slightly between 1990 and 2015, there will always be divorce and marriage separations. These events may be cyclical, but divorce has been a phenomenon that has been a part of human society for centuries. Furthermore, families that do go through divorce will still need assistance and technology to help adjust to the new lifestyle.
  • Proven App Technologies – Today, there are billions of mobile applications across a couple of operating system platforms. We use apps now more than ever, as there is essentially an application for anything you can think of. Being that we do everything through apps, it only makes sense that Two Hands would deploy its technology using mobile applications. People enjoy managing their lives through apps and the simplicity it creates.
  • Closer to Revenue – As we inch closer and closer to the app launch, the company is expected to begin generating revenues shortly. At this time, it is not known if the Two Hands app will be a paid app, “freemium” app, subscription-based, etc. However, the app is expected to be a revenue generator.

Two Hands Financials

During the first quarter of 2017, Two Hands Corporation reported cash of $112, total assets of $112, and total liabilities of $417,793. Two Hands saw its convertible debt holdings come in at $143,077, an increase of nearly $7,100 from Q1 2016.

Furthermore, the company reported no revenues and a net loss of ($135,467). The first quarter 10-Q detailed that the company has an accumulated deficit of $23.71 million.

As of Q1 2017, Two Hands Corporation maintained a share structure consisting of 3 billion authorized shares and 406.22 million shares outstanding. In addition, the company has 1 million authorized shares of preferred stock, but there are no preferred shares outstanding.

Management Team


Nadav Elituv has been the President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Two Hands Corporation since June 2014. Mr. Elituv devotes at least 40% of his working time to the affairs of the Company. Since August 2008, Mr. Elituv has served as the President and Founder of Imagin8. Imagin8 is a startup and developer of hand & body motion-based interactive technologies. These technologies are designed to enhance new consumer experiences from touch-screens to floor-screens. For over 20 years, Mr. Elituv has been a results-driven leader of the innovative digital technology enterprise. In addition, Mr. Elituv has a track record for building, developing and motivating high-performance teams and is an expert in high-tech systems. His background and knowledge includes the design and implementation of computer-vision and gesture-recognition technologies. Lastly, Mr. Elituv has past career experience leading strategic initiatives and meeting critical business mandates.


Grant Stummer has served as a director at Two Hands Corporation since April 2009. Outside of the company, Mr. Stummer is the CEO of a plastic injection tool and part manufacturer. He originally began working at the company in 1992 and has worked his way to co-owner of the manufacturing company. In the past 15 years Mr. Stummer has tripled his sales and has implemented initiatives that have increased his profitability as a lean manufacturer. Overall, Mr. Stummer’s knowledge and contacts within the plastics industry offer Two Hands Corporation insight and direction from the industry.


Overall, Two Hands Corporation is gearing up for the launch of its highly anticipated co-parenting app. Currently, the company is finishing up its beta testing and will likely be putting out press once the launch date nears.

Co-parenting and divorce can be very difficult and stressful, particularly for the children involved. The Two Hands app looks to create an environment for co-parents to communicate effectively, without complications and misunderstanding. As parents get used to their new lives, it can be difficult to remember all of the scheduled events and tasks that their children may have. Through the Two Hands app, co-parents can communicate, manage schedules, plan events, upload pictures, check custody schedule, file sharing and more.

Even non-separated families could benefit from the Two Hands app, because it provides a clear communication environment, where parents can manage their child’s schedules.

The company will likely issue more details about its app in the near future.  However, management has expressed interest in eventually making the app available across all platforms for ease of use. Overall, Two Hands Corporation is well positioned to disrupt the co-parenting/divorce management industry.


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